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What Does it Take For Your Business to Stay Top of The Mind?

The four levers you can adjust to improve brand awareness and retention

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When we are at work, we would like to think that folks really feel about our business throughout the day long. In the minds of ours, we are the first company a consumer or perhaps potential customer considers when a specific need arises. But you and I both know that is not the way it works.

What does it take for your business to stay top of The mind?

This work we are discussing is called branding. What about the past, which would mean thinking up names and colours and logos and what’ve you and you would call it good.

Kit Kat candy bar wrappers are red. They are the ones with 4 fingers of crisp wafers surrounded by chocolate. There you go. That is what they’re. They participate with some other candy bars by being crispy, simple to share (who shares their candy bars?), and beyond that? Who knows?

Your small business is not a chocolate bar (unless it is). As well as in case you are a chocolate bar, that is a massively competitive space. Anything like this: candy bars, chips, and sodas are apparently easy to sell and brand, but it is really a great deal of work. (Later in the week, I will interview Eric Plantenberg about what it has taken to bring Humm Kombucha not merely to the typical soft drink consumer but also onto the shelves of Walmart and Target. He is their chief strategy officer.)

In order to stay top of mind, you’ve to allow it to be utterly clear what you solve for the buyer of yours. There is a simple starter recipe to create this type of thing. Want to hear it?

The four levers you can adjust to improve brand awareness and retention

I’ve 4 easy ways to look at helping a customer or perhaps potential customer remember the business of yours and the brand of yours (no matter exactly how small or big the company) of yours. Think of this as a recipe you are able to work with.

What’s in the mix?

Goal – As soon as you plan to reach out as well as connect or perhaps communicate in any form (advertising, bringing attention to the business, reaching out to customers, etc), be Very conscious of the objective of your customer/buyer. Precisely why would they search for you in the very first place? What is The goal of theirs that you help them achieve?

Clarity – As soon as you talk about the business of yours, be clear. I help companies use tech to improve customer interactions. It has taken me ages to land on that. Clarity is about making what you solve straightforward and simple utterly. Just how can you make what one does for folks quite simple to understand and straight forward to carry out?

Simplicity – Clarity almost covers this, but often you are able to be obvious but you could get fancy. Simplicity is just that. Have the menus brief. Make everything succinct. Do not over extend. The kind of thing.

Repetition – Say it. Say it again. Make it tweetable. Make it rhyme, perhaps. Make it stick. Repeat. This right here’s my biggest miss. I have a tendency to develop and release, that lets me brag about my big something or brain, but this does not help Stick into people’s heads the simple story of just how I help people.

You can’t be top of mind if you’ve already been forgotten.

The recipe is simple but not easy

Solve the goal of theirs. Be straightforward about it. Keep it simple. Repeat the story. That is really “it,” but you know there is much more to “it” in the long haul.

But, have you mastered this aspect about your company? Most likely not. When you are not available, would someone you have spoken with know the way to sell you/your product or perhaps service? Not the way you would Want them to, roughly. Right?

In the event that you would like to remain top of mind, this’s the work. Build something memorable in service of your customers’ goals and you have got a chance. Make it much easier for them to purchase and much easier for them to get whatever they need to have, and you will remain in the story more. But for now? Ask yourself how well you handle those 4 simple ingredients.


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